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It all started one fateful day in 6th grade when I caught the acting bug during my first musical, 'The Wizard of Oz'. Since then I've ventured into the realms of the stage, film, and voice-over. I majored in Acting and Psychology back in college and I continue to study my craft. 


My film journey began in 2014 and it all started with a film I will forever hold dear to my heart, 'The Iron Gauntlet'. They say you never forget your first and I certainly won't. I've since had the opportunity to act in short films, TV Shows, pilots, and indie films. 


My life on stage started at an early age, but some of the most notable were lead roles in Bye Bye Birdie, Give My Regards to Broadway, A Christmas Story, and playing Thor in a Superhero Improv Show. 


You can hear these vocal cords featured in projects such as: Alder's Blood, Zodiac Kings, Valiance Online, Legends of Etherell, Fortis Rex: Rise of the King, Legacy TCG, and numerous other video game projects, trailers, and more! 

Voice Over Demo Reel - Travis Crane
Recent Voice-Over Projects
Alders Blood promo.jpg
Early work
film reel

Running Time: 3:03

A sampling showcase of a few of my first film projects that I ever took part in. Forever grateful for each and every one of them. 

The Tale of a monster:lilith

Year of production: 2014

Running Time: 13:33

Synopsis: The Tale of a Monster: Lilith is the story of what happens when the creation becomes the creator. Lilith wakes up in a laboratory with no idea of where she is at; the only thing she knows is two bodies surround her. The story becomes a tale of beautiful horror and twisted romance as writer and director EJ Moreno takes you through his retelling of The Bride of Frankenstein and doesn’t let up until all the pieces are together.


Year of production: 2014

Running Time: 9:01

Synopsis: 'Lollipop' is described, as the trip to the doctor's office you never want to have. Michael awakens in unfamiliar territory, bound to a chair. Michael quickly learns he is in the care of Gruet; a doctor who is pure evil in human form. Michael begs and pleads to be let go, but Gruet has a prescription for torture that will haunt Michael forever... if he lives long enough to tell his story.

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