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Character fit

Why Live Character Fit?


Character Fit is a vision and a mission that spawned from my love of personal growth, fitness, and helping people become the best version of themselves mentally and physically. The mission is simple: help people get into the best shape of their lives, help them develop an empowering mindset through personal development, and teach them to express themselves. To be themselves, be a character, and live with character.


  • Lifestyle Coaching: A full spectrum process. This is the journey of taking you from where you are, to where you wish to be. In both your personal and professional life, this is where we create new healthy habits and develop a strong mindset. 

  • Nutrition Guidance: Also included in lifestyle coaching, this is more about learning how to eat better and fuel your body with proper nutrition. You can't outwork a bad diet!

  • Personal Training: This is more about the focus on exercise, teaching you how to reach your fitness goals and perform exercise routines in a safe and effective manner. 

  • Goal-Setting: We all talk about it, we dream about it, we ponder it, we analyze it. This is where we break free from the paralysis of analysis and turn your goals into action, with a deadline. 

  • Public Speaking: Whether it's for a small group or an auditorium, this is where learning begins. Topics ranging from living a healthy active lifestyle, to chasing your dreams, all the way to leadership. *Feel free to inquire about unique topics or speaking opportunities. 

  • Cardio Drumming: Typically a group exercise class, this workout is sure to put you in touch with your true rhythm in life and leave you both happy and sweaty! Equipment is required, but you will have a blast with this high intensity cardio workout. It's fully modifiable to anyone's limitations and is a great way to get moving. 

  • Online Coaching: Technology is a beautiful thing and it has allowed for a way to help you anywhere in the world. 


While I am always happy to help anyone and everyone, I do have a target niche. The mission is to help actors, models, gamers, and anyone in the entertainment industry to live a healthier lifestyle and develop a more positive and empowered mindset. To build a thriving community of those wishing to become better and supporting each other along the way!
Results with character - Live with character - Be a character - Evolve your character.


Love the mission of Character Fit? Help share the positive message with empowering merchandise, coming soon! 



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